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         Trash bags with smell       Self-lock bags       Garbage bags disintegrate with the environment       Printed bags in different sizes       Earth sterilization tubes      
Our Products :

Our attention is focused on plastics industry to assist in preserving the environment, producing garbage collection bags of high quality, in all sizes and forms. The factory, is seeking to maintain high quality.
  • Abu rabta bags. (Garbage)
  • Bags for collecting medical waste.
  • Bags Bags for meat keeping food and meat, without color.
  • Seedlings bags .
  • Shopping bags.
  • Agricultural tunnels.
  • Nylon greenhouses.
  • Ground sterilizing nylon (black).
Factory's New Developments :
  • Trash bags with smell.
  • Self-lock bags.
  • Garbage bags disintegrate with the environment.
  • Printed bags in different sizes.
  • Earth sterilization tubes